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    • A company with 12 years of experience
    • Approved supplier of the Ministry of Defence and is running according to ISO standard
    • Shielding specialists - the company provides advanced protection against burglary and ballistics top
    • Cooperation with the best experts in the country and the world, in the areas of protection and safety
    • National Service
    • 3M - Autorized Window Film Distributor
  • Ortech Defense Systems Ltd.

    Ortech specializes in research, development, manufacturing and integration of defense technologies for buildings, sites and strategic facilities shielding against blast, ballistics and forced entry risks according to various threat levels and industrial safety risks. We use composite materials technologies for protection and improvement of defense of sites and structures. The company offers comprehensive protection capability according to customer needs, including reference doorways, windows and doors, public areas and special needs. Ortech is supplier of Israel defense ministry and hold also ISO 9001:2008 standards.

    Our area of operations is among companies and organizations that facing the need to shield and protect buildings or facilities against physical threats such as blast and ballistics hits, forced entry and industrial safety risks.

    The company supplies Mobile shelters, Transparent windows Bars for safety and security and is a 3M authorized window film distributer.

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