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  • Why Choose Us?

    • A company with 12 years of experience
    • Approved supplier of the Ministry of Defence and is running according to ISO standard
    • Shielding specialists - the company provides advanced protection against burglary and ballistics top
    • Cooperation with the best experts in the country and the world, in the areas of protection and safety
    • National Service
    • 3M - Autorized Window Film Distributor
  • Ortech was established in 2003 by the company’s CEO Mr. Ran Naor. Ortech provides advanced protection solutions , blasts and ballistics for existing buildings and sites in Israel and abroad.
    Ortech provides protection solutions for various threats, from the private home level to the establishment of extensive protection systems for companies, plants and defense bodies.
    In 2006 Ortech opened its Israeli branch, from which it runs its activity in Israel and abroad today. Ortech is an approved Ministry of Defense supplier, the products have the Ministry of Defense’s and the Home Front Command’s certifications as well as an ISO certification.
    The company’s CEO, Ran Naor, is an expert in protection solutions, who has years of experience in the protection business and who had completed hundreds of protection projects for different defense systems in Israel and worldwide, for companies and private clientele.

    Working with the Very Best:
    To ensure the final product’s quality upon delivery to the client we work with the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the field. In addition, we fully cooperate with the top experts in Israel and the world, for consultation regarding the protection, the safety and being environmentally friendly.
    In cases where existing off the shelf products are insufficient, Ortech creates creative protection solutions. The company’s engineers and consultants know how to characterize and locate the necessary solution and adapt it to the client’s needs.

    Our Standards
    There are several standards which guide us in selecting the right solution for the client:

    • A protection solution which enables maintaining routine life within the structure.

    • Independently disassembling and assembling the protection, without requiring external service personnel.

    • Modular Solutions adapted for today’s needs and for tomorrow’s changing needs.

    • Rigorous assimilation of protection into the existing building, without changing the protected front, by using creative solutions and decorative, printed and designed protection products.

      • Fully accompanying of the client from the project learning stage to its delivery.