Explosion Experiments

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  • Explosion tests

    Ortech plans and performs explosion tests for external companies. Many products in the protection industry undergo lengthy development processes prior to obtaining the desirable authorities’ approval. Some of the development processes require field tests with live explosives simulating real threats.

    Explosion trial characterization:

    • Coordination of the test zone (including bomb-disposal expert and ambulance).
    • Planning and building the construction (wall/ceiling/other) on which the protection device is to be installed.
    • Location and installment of the explosive.
    • Performing the test.
    • Documentation of all test stages.
    • Site clearing upon end of test.

    Additional options:

    • Documentation via films/photos/quick cameras
    • Pressure measurement * Accompanying protection expert and report issuance (until approvals are obtained).
    • Incorporation of relevant military bodies and authorities.
    • Field accommodation (meals, beverages, sleeping arrangements)