Migunit – Mobile Shelter

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    • A company with 12 years of experience
    • Approved supplier of the Ministry of Defence and is running according to ISO standard
    • Shielding specialists - the company provides advanced protection against burglary and ballistics top
    • Cooperation with the best experts in the country and the world, in the areas of protection and safety
    • National Service
    • 3M - Autorized Window Film Distributor
  • תמונה-מיגונית

    Migunit – Maximum security & Fast delivery

    Design and manufacturing of customize units according to client needs

    Ortech plans, manufactures and provides consultation services of custom made protected transportable units, which comply with the competent authorities’ standards.
    Specializing in the development and manufacture of defense systems Ortech specializes in placement of protected transportable constructions in factory spaces.
    This method was developed to provide a solution to the problem of protecting workers within the factory.


    Characterization of protected transportable constructions:

    • Manufactured according to the requirements of the Home Front Command and ISO certified

    • Custom made finish level.



    • Varying dimensions – adjustment of unit’s dimensions to client’s needs.

    • Transportation into the building space – the protection unit is transported into the factory space using advanced transportation systems (adjusted to the construction’s weight and size).


    Suitable for the protection of:

    • Industry plants.

    • Places of business.

    • Public buildings.

    • Work areas within a building (in proximity of machines, warehouses etc.)

    • Private homes.