Protector – hazardous materials protection

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  • Protector – hazardous materials protection

    Plates for the protection of containers, pumpline, harnesses and cable-tying systems.

    Manufactured from composite materials Protector plates protect containers/pipeline containing hazardous materials and gases as well as cable-tying systems and harnesses which might be deactivated due to shock waves or shrapnel shells.

    Protector plates have been developed for a variety of threat levels. The product is under patent registration.


    • Protector is installed in the client’s site on a construction designed and manufactured by Ortech in our factory.
    • Protector is weather-resistant.
    • Protector wraparound is made of layers of composite materials.
    • Protector 50 – for a high threat level as a solution for the Home Front Command’s requirements.
    • Protector 25 – for a reduced threat level as a solution for light artillery, mortars and Katyusha rockets.


    • Custom made protection – the protection is designed and manufactured to be suitable for the protected building and its location (laid/suspended).
    • Upgrade options – Protector construction is ready for upgrade in accordance with future threats.
    • Lightweight – Protector weighs 45-65 kg.
    • Low maintenance – Protector can be installed and dismantled by the factory’s maintenance staff (without using an external body).
    • Varying levels of protection – options for increased or reduced levels of threat.

    Suitable for the protection of:

    • Companies, bodies and plants dealing with chemicals and hazardous materials.
    • Military systems: companies and bodies using sensitive equipment which requires protection against shock waves/shrapnel shells.
    • Cooling systems (ammonia containers).
    • Energy and gas companies.
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